Corruption becomes the air that we breathe

Since 90’s, corruption has grown in Madagascar, it is necessary to cash in some money to get the paperwork in a shorter time or just in the period. Corruption is a disease that kills the country and our society gradually. The worst is that this happens even in public and private health institutions.A transporter had to pay a bribe to get files allowing him to work unless the agents take time to prepare his files because his vehicle is his livelihood, it must be operational as soon as possible. A W has an urgent need for paperwork to be asked in court, he paid Ar 20 000 to get it quicker than normal way. Also in court, a family is charged with theft of land by another family but they have just pay under-the-table Ar 20 millions and the case is solved, they keep the land.

In hospitals, you have to pay doctors and nurses regularly to get proper care and regular visits. Apart from that, you have already paid the room charge, medications, etc.. People who aren’t able to afford that means often succumb if they came to the hospital in a more or less serious state.

Corruption affects all areas, even in fokontany.

Hyperbole: corruption becomes the air that we breathe!

According to the latest Amnesty International ranking, Madagascar occupies the 97th place among 159 countries in levels of corruption. This is a very bad place. For information, in Africa, Botswana is the cleanest.

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