Malagasy forced to debt

One of the situations that nobody likes to be is to have a debt to someone. Anyone going into debt does not do his own will but because you are in urgent need of money. Today, we see all the bank ads on TV or on billboards offering loans to parents to help them in the education of their children. Banks are not wrong, it is their role to lend. The conclusion is obvious, they know that malagasy parents have difficulty to pays the education of their kids, especially during the back to school: there are the school materials that must be bought and besides many parents prefer to send their children to private schools where there are huge fees to pay.

It’s sad!!

These bank offers are not new but during this time of crisis, they are on the rise, many parents are rushing. Since independence, there are over 50 years, parents said they will not have enough assets to pass on as inheritance to their children as the population multiplies, so they preferred to devote himself to his children’s studies, a saying said, « the study is the most beautiful legacies » (ny fianarana no lova tsara indrindra). But today, even children studies, parents no longer have the means. They must make loans from banks. The worst is that it is not all parents who can afford it but only those who are deemed able to repay.

The government wants to help by suppressing the payment of registration fee as well as distributing school kits. But this is not enough because this rule only the first month of the back to school but these children will stay there for 9 to 10 months so there are other fees to pay: the clothes of children, transportation costs, etc.. In public schools, parents must also contribute to the salaries of teachers called FRAM because the state can not pay their salaries.

This is the sad revelation in Malagasy society today. Parents who can not borrow in the banks into debt with their neighbors and friends.



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